IT’S “MUDD MONTH!” – Love it or hate it, it’s here

You’ve either escaped to Mexico
or Moab,
or else you’re looking out the window at more snow falling and thinking, “Oh
rats!” In rebellion, you wear your flip-flops or sandals in the snow. Or, you give in and revel in the nearly unprecedented spring conditions, and go
board or ski some more.

This is the month of the melt-off, when the nature around us
renews itself and comes back to life and gives us the glory of the mountains in
summer that we all love.It is also a
grueling month of sorts. Not summer, not
winter. Sunny days followed by a blizzard. Mud and dirty snow everywhere, and melting snow piles leaving behind
six month’s accumulation of trash and dog poop.

But then, we live here for a reason, right?It’s that sound as we leave in the morning of
a new bird song in the area. The feel of fresh clean air in our lungs. The sparkle of snow on the mountain peaks, bold against the sky. The brave crocus or tulip sending up a green shoot through the snow.Or the morning that is so
sunny and bright, with our special Colorado blue sky, as we shed our boots,
hats, scarves, gloves and coats, and trade them in for shorts and sandals.And we have the constant lake watching too, waiting
for the day the timer falls through the ice in anticipation of sail boats and
summer regattas. These are the joys of Mudd Month.

So we put up with the mud (pronounced mudd!), the water, the
dirty snow, the cleanup, and greet one another with smiles, because we know
what is ahead and the anticipation runs high.

Meanwhile, we do have the cleanup.Mudd Month is the time we assess the ravages
of winter and what is left behind.What
are some of the necessary things to do?

  • Do you have damage or rot in any
    retaining walls?
  • Have you noticed
    an area of bad drainage on your property that will be a problem?
  • Is water
    seeping into your basement or crawl space?

These items don’t have to be overwhelming.As with your snow removal, your friends at
Alpine Ventures are ready to come to your aid.
Contact Steve today for a free estimate, and get on the schedule early to
keep your property maintained.

And hang in there, Mudd Month will be over before we know
it, and we are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

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