Coming Home

“Home” has a different meaning to everyone, and even the word conjures up a wide range of emotions. I was thinking of this while driving home after my last trip to Denver. It’s nice to have the convenience of a large city close by, without having to actually live there. But I’m usually anxious to finish my business and head for home.

I enjoy the anticipation of my first glimpse of the Continental Divide. And I always find myself taking a moment to catch my breath as the panoramic view comes into sight. The mountains don’t change their shapes. And I realized how much I depend on that. My heart always calms down as I leave the chaos of the city behind me.

I found myself reflecting on the beauty of where we live, the sense of pride, of belonging, of safety and comfort. And then, as I drive out of the tunnel, I see “my” mountains . . . the familiar shapes of Buffalo Mountain and the Gore Range; then off to my left, Peak One and the Ten Mile Range coming into view. How timeless and dependable they all are, and comforting, waiting to welcome me home.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to give each other that same sense of comfort and dependability? To be able to say that Summit County is not just where we live, but “home” in the same sense our beautiful mountains say it to us. Summit County is my home. Is it yours?

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