I-70 Corridor Blizzard for Friday Evening Travel


We’re happy to be getting some snow, but the timing is the worst for those travelling to the mountains Friday evening. Blizzard conditions expected from about 3 PM – 9 PM, with heavy snow, wind, poor visibility, and likely road closures. This will be a fast-moving storm, so if you can, adjust your travel time to earlier Friday, or wait until Saturday morning, to miss the worst driving conditions. CDOT will likely implement the Passenger Traction Law, so please make sure your vehicle is prepared with snow tires, AWD/4WD, and/or chains. 

For Silverthorne, we’re expecting between 3″ and 6″ of snow by Saturday morning, and we anticipate that this will trigger our snow plowing crew to be out on Saturday. Please move your cars to allow for plowing. The ski slopes are forecasted to get up to a foot of fresh snow  by Saturday morning – yay!

Snow for Silverthorne this weekend

We expect to see snow on the I-70 corridor from mid-day Friday through Saturday morning with 4″-8″ of accumulation. Clearing but cold Saturday.

Icy and snow-packed road surfaces with reduced visibility anticipated through Friday night. CDOT will likely implement the Passenger Traction Law, so please make sure your vehicle is prepared with snow tires, mud/snow tires, and/or chains from Thursday night through Saturday morning.

Best weekend to see Fall color?

The Aspen leaves have by no means peaked yet, but this weekend may be the best time to see what fall color we have. The weather forecast towards the end of next week is for some strong gusty winds that could end up stripping off many of the leaves.

The hummingbirds and red-winged blackbirds have left already, at least two weeks early. Did they sense an early winter approaching? We will have to wait and see …..

Fall color



Karen Shackles earns Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) designation from the Snow & Ice Management Association


The Snow & Ice Management Association has announced that Karen Shackles, Managing Director of Alpine Ventures LLC has earned the Advanced Snow Manager (ASM) designation.


The ASM training program provides quality, accessible safety and operational training for snow operations professionals, designed around the following values:
• Serious training – Building an effective, quality training program for snow operations is challenging. SIMA has made it easy to create consistent, reliable training for operations managers and operators.
• Stronger people – Strength of service is only as good as the people who power it. The ASM program helps build confidence and leadership and empowers snow personnel to become more efficient and knowledgeable during snow events.
• Safer operations – ASM focuses on creating a culture that rewards safety and seeks to reduce the chance of injuries, and service failure. This includes standardized methods of organizing and documenting work that occurs onsite.

This self-paced, interactive training program includes these four certificate courses: Core Principles, Plowing Operations, Sidewalk Operations, and Ice Management. Individuals complete the courses, and then take a quiz to assess knowledge. Those who earn all four certificates receive the ASM designation, an official training credential from SIMA.

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About the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA)
Founded in 1996, the Snow & Ice Management Association is the nation’s trade association for professionals involved with the snow & ice industry including snow plowing as well as commercial & residential snow removal. Visit www.sima.org for more information.

Spring snow alternating with spring sun

Our forecasted snowy spring hasn’t materialized yet, but the snow pack is still in good shape. We’re expecting a small storm Sunday/Monday (March 6/7), then another bluebird week, followed by the next storm sometime the following weekend (March 12/13-ish). But hey – it’s Colorado. Hit the slopes in the morning, then break out your mountain bike for the afternoon!bluebird in the snow